All exhibition and wholesale business problems will be resolved.

  • The creation of new business

  • Optimization of order receiving procedures

  • Real-time data analysis

Expand Your Network

New encounters between brands and buyers

TERMINAL ORDER automatically picks out information on optimal brands in accordance with the trading trends of buyers. This enables the expansion of new business opportunities so that brands can disseminate information focused on buyers that are potential business partners.
As the sole domestic marketplace, new value is created.

Achieving the maximal optimization of order receiving procedures

The digitization of exhibitions and the wholesale business reduces human error in work to zero.
It is accessible at any time and at any place by means of devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones.
Business performance of both fashion brands and buyers is thereby maximized.

Strengthening sales promotion through the application of marketing data

Easy to understand visualizations of accumulated data in real-time. Improves the accuracy of production and sales planning by means of practical application and a grasp of past trends.
In addition, it is also possible to instantly confirm target transactions and to communicate with important partners.

You can expect an exciting new experience with TERMINAL ORDER!